Thinking About Starting a Personal Website

YOLO! It’s my first post!

I’ve been thinking about starting a personal website for a long time, but I just didn’t have time to prepare all the materials and documents that I’ve done before. Not until last December, when I was asked to make my own portfolio website to apply for graduate study at MY DREAM SCHOOL ( I’ll keep applying no matter what…), I realized it’s really important to document all the things I’ve done and even it’s just a thought or an idea. So, this website was born. It originally was just a requirement of application for graduate study, now I want to make it a real personal website.

I kinda have an eclectic range of interests from music and photography to electronics and machine learning, so I split it into couple sections. While some sections still lack of contents, I’ll try to make it complete asap. "Project" section is where I list projects I’ve done, which are more related to tech stuff. "Music" section is where I put some music I made or with bands. It’s a shame that I haven’t practiced a single note since my left wrist broke scince two months ago. "Photography" section is where I originally planned to write my travel stories with photos around the world, but I barely have time to finish it. I know I should have started the habit to record very things much earlier. I’ll try to fix it. The "Blog" section is something came up into my mind recently. Inspired and encouraged by my “Senpai” Chris, who is also now my colleague and who I’ve been doing independent research on deep learning and machine learning together with for a while, I want to write down what we learn every now and then. I think writing posts and tutorials is perhaps the best way to deepen my own understanding.

Anyway, this is the first post from Eddie Lin. Good to see y’all!

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